• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I showcase my music?
    A: To get started as an IndieBark artist, click on the "Sign Up" button near the top of your screen. Follow our registration process and create a new profile for yourself or your band. Once you've got a profile created, you can showcase your music by linking to your tracks on SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

    Q: Can I upload content directly to IndieBark?
    A: At this time, you cannot upload audio or video content directly to your artist profile. Content upload is enabled for pictures such as your profile picture or if you create a photo gallery. Please use SoundCloud or YouTube for uploading audio or video content.

    Q: How do I find music relevant to my interests?
    A: Under the Genres menu option, select one of the configured music genres to find all content matching the selected tag. For content which may not match an existing genre from that list, you may click directly on the Genres menu to bring up a complete tag cloud for all profile content.

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    General Inquiries: general(at)indiebark.ca

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